• Your design in 3 interest-free installments by choosing SCALAPAY as a payment method •


At Auguro Semper you can pay any of our designs in installments from 2 to 12 months, choosing "Pagantis" as the payment method at the end of your purchase. To do this, you only have to follow the steps indicated following the purchase process with Pagantis.

Step 1: Add your favorite dress to the shopping cart and click buy.

Step 2 : Complete your shipping information (PAGANTIS) is only available for purchases from Spain, Italy and France, therefore, you must first complete your address to find out if you can enjoy the payment option in installments.

Step 3 : On the payment screen you will see 3 options: PAYPAL, PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD AND PAYMENTS. You must choose PAGANTIS.

Step 4 : you must follow the steps of the process indicated by Pagantis, indicate the number of installments in which you want to pay for the dress and the credit card you will use so that the amount of your installment is automatically charged monthly to the card.

Below we offer you the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

  •  What is Paga+Tarde and Pagantis?
    Paga+Tarde, belonging to the Digital Origin group, is a financial entity that carries out all its operations through Pagantis, an entity regulated by the Bank of Spain. Considered as a pioneer company, at a national level, in instant consumer credits, it has extensive experience in the financial sector and means of payment. Its offices are located in Madrid and Barcelona and have more than 100 employees who are responsible for ensuring the safety and trust of customers.
  •  Who manages the financing?
    Paga+Tarde, is a payment entity regulated by the Bank of Spain belonging to the Digital Origin group and does not transfer the management to any other company.
  •  What is the cost of financing with Paga+Tarde?
    The interest will vary between 0% (if assumed by the business) and 25% APR, without any other type of additional or hidden cost.
  •  Who can buy with Paga+Tarde?
    Any person over 18 years of age, with DNI (National Identity Document) or with NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) and who has a national bank card.
  •  What documents do I need to apply?
    You do not need any document such as proof of income or payroll, just have your national bank card at hand.
  •  Do I need to register to use Paga+Tarde?
    No, Paga+Tarde is a system that provides a direct and fast service. It is not necessary to go through a registration process to benefit from the service. Automatically after contracting, we will send you an email with the access codes to your user panel where you can manage your financing.
  •  What is the minimum amount to be able to request my financing?
    None! With Paga+Tarde you can finance any purchase you make regardless of its amount.
  •  Why have I received an email from Paga+Tarde if I have not completed the financing process?
    Paga+Tarde, as a regulated financial entity, complies with the European Law on Consumer Financing, which establishes that the user must receive the standardized European pre-contractual information on consumer credit before contracting.
  •  What happens if my application is rejected?
    If unfortunately your request is rejected, you must click on 'Back to the store' and select another payment method to complete your purchase.
  •  Is it mandatory to take out some type of insurance to obtain financing?
    It is not necessary to contract any insurance or ask for any other requirement.
  •  How do I pay my fees?

    First installment

    The first installment will be charged after indicating the details of your bank card in the last step of your financing application.

    next installments

    Paga+Tarde will automatically charge your monthly payments to the card that you provide us during the contract

  •  What happens if I have used a VISA credit card to pay my first installment?

    You will have to provide a VISA debit card or any Mastercard card. VISA regulations indicate that a credit card cannot be used to pay for financing. Only the first installment, which is not financed, can be paid with this type of card.

    To change your card, go to My account with your ID and password. Click on "Your Cards" and then on 'Add Card'

  •  Since when can I amortize or advance my monthly payments?
    One day after the approval of the financing, you can advance or amortize your installments.
  •  Can I advance my pending payments?
    Of course! From Paga+Tarde you can amortize your pending payments at any time and finalize your financing. In case of advancing all the installments, the total interest to be paid decreases, paying only the interest in relation to the time that you have had the financing.
  •  What happens if I return the product that I have purchased?
    Don't worry, it will follow the same process as a normal return. We will refund all of your money paid so far and the outstanding capital will be cancelled.
  •  Are there additional costs if I am late in paying some of the installments?
    In the event that Paga+Tarde cannot fully or partially charge your monthly installments, you must pay a penalty of €20 for unpaid installments up to a maximum of €40. In addition, for each day of delay in the payment of the installments, you must pay a late payment interest, on the amount of the pending financing, of 2% higher than the APR. In no case, this interest will be higher than 25% APR.
  •  How do I access my User Area?
    You must go to My account and enter your ID and password.
  •  What can I do from the Paga+Tarde user panel?
    Once you access your user panel, you can consult all the information regarding your financing, as well as advance monthly payments or even the entirety of your purchase.