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Written by Adrian Manzano


Posted on March 13 2019

You've already said yes, and now where do you start? Relax! Download this calendar so you don't get caught by the bull.

Most weddings take between six months and a year to plan (unless you want to get married in an express wedding in Las Vegas).

For this reason, we have prepared a planning calendar for you to help you start with the preparations and that you can cross off the things you are doing.


  • Set an approximate date
  • Organize a meal between your parents and future in-laws to break the news
  • Share the news with your friends and family
  • Create a budget with your partner
  • Brainstorm possible venues if you don't have a venue in mind yet.


  • Reserve the ceremony site.
  • book the restaurant
  • Make a guest list


  • Brainstorm ideas about the celebration (if you would like it to be themed, with a personalized style inspired by something you like…)
  • Start looking at wedding dresses based on your style, figure and dreams (we will dedicate a special post to know how to choose a wedding dress depending on these factors) but also, choose your wedding dress depending on the weather, the venue and the style that you want to give to your wedding. We have selected for you a collection of dresses of all styles so that you can find your handmade and tailor-made dress at prices that you will not find in any store. Click here to see collection


  • Go looking at flower suppliers, decoration, photographers, pastry chefs, wedding invitation cards, make-up artists, hairdressers...
  • Select the outfit of your bridesmaids (if you are going to have them) we have prepared for you a special collection of bridesmaids dresses Click here


  • Meet with the wedding officer so you can discuss how you want to do your wedding and for any pre-nuptial counseling requirements.
  • If you are going to have live music or a person in charge of the music meet with him or them to select the music.
  • Finish the guest list and start sending your invitations.
  • Try the wedding menu and request the cake if your restaurant does not specialize in pastries.
  • Start planning your honeymoon!


  • The time has come to get your dress, why not before? Why not later? Not before because many things can happen (you gain weight or lose weight, for example) afterward, not because a dress takes time to be made. In Auguro Semper the manufacturing time is 3 months and making it to exact measure you will not fail in your choice ;)
  • Check the marriage license requirements (you can find the license requirements for Spain by clicking here
  • Go choosing the wedding bands and the recording of these.
  • Create a wedding list to make it easier for guests to choose the gift.
  • Buy the details that you will give to your wedding attendees after the banquet


  • Let friends and family members you want to speak at your ceremony prepare for special readings.
  • Consider the need for babysitting services for guests during the wedding.
  • Select the final wedding menu (consider a menu or some special request dishes for allergy sufferers, intolerants or people with special needs).
  • Manage the distribution of tables at the banquet.


  • Send your guests information about local accommodations and if you are going to put transportation in your celebration to go from the church to the restaurant or from the restaurant to an event room...etc.
  • Schedule ceremony rehearsals with the officer and your partner .
  • Get your makeup and hair tests done.
  • Manage the photos from before the wedding with the photographer, if you want to have a special session a few days later, the shots that should not be missing...


  • Select the extras of the wedding: finalize the details about the decoration, remember the guest book for your guests to sign during the banquet, the arras, the pillow to carry the rings and do not forget something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.
  • Organize the transport that will take you to the church.
  • Make sure that in the bathroom of the restaurant there will be a basket with amenities for the guests (deodorant, wipes, hairspray, some hairpins, plasters... they are always necessary ;)


  • A very nice detail is that you create some thank you notes for the gifts and assistance so that they reach your guests the day after your wedding.
  • If you haven't already, it's time to talk paperwork with your fiancé. Life insurance, will and other legal documents.
  • If you haven't already thought about it... It's time for you to get the gift to give your partner.
  • It would be perfect for you to take some basic dance classes with your partner so that your wedding dance looks more professional.


  • Confirm the final number of guests with the restaurant in order to organize the tables.
  • Confirm honeymoon reservations.
  • Review the details of the attendees (accommodation, transportation…)
  • Prepare a “ survival kit ” for the ceremony. (stockings, nail polish, scissors, plasters, aspirin…)
  • Secure the official marriage license
  • Organize a brunch with your bridesmaids


  • Pamper yourself with a massage, manicure, pedicure...
  • Organize a meal with your parents and future in-laws to talk with them about all the management of the wedding and confirm the moments in which you will need a hand.


If you follow our list and you have everything organized, there is only one thing left to do:




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    Madre mía! Cuantas cosas me quedan!!! Y yo pensaba que era pan comido!!! Me relaja ver que en menos de un año puedo tenerlo todo, aunque lo más importante ya lo tengo mi vestido y el de mis damas de honor gracias a ti!! Auguro Sempre!!

    Posted by Carla | March 13, 2019
  • Comment author

    Gracias por tus palabras, las seguiré al pie de la letra. Así, espero no olvidarme ningún detalle. He estado echando un vistazo a los vestidos de novia y, de damas de honor ¡Son tan especiales!

    Posted by Myriam | March 13, 2019
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